Hotel in Lucea & Hanover


Hanover, Jamaica’s third smallest parish (after Kingston and St. Andrew), was founded in 1723.  Lucea is its capital and main town. From the middle of the 18th century, the people of Lucea provided the rest of Jamaica with most of its produce but mainly exported bananas until the 1960s.

Fort Charlotte in Lucea was built in 1761. Alongside the fort is an impressive Georgian brick structure known as The Barracks, which was built in 1843 to provide shelter to the soldiers stationed there.  In the early 20th century The Barracks became the educational center for the town and has now been transformed to become part of the Rusea High School complex. In 1982 Rusea High School was merged with the Hanover Secondary School and is still known as the Rusea High School (Fort Charlotte). In May 2014 the school was still open and open-air lessons took place inside the fort.

The parish has three small waterfalls, several coves, such as the Davis Cove, named after a prominent Hanover family, along its coastline and large caves. The still fully functional Lucea clock tower was built in 1817 and stands in the town center near the Old Lucea courthouse.

Hotels In Hanover

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